About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to answer the question that plagues all of us – does this product actually work? By testing the product, looking at the science underpinning its claims and seeking independent reviews we believe you will find that answer. The thought that there are treatments and products available to cure lives ills or make people a better version of themselves haunts us and its something we strive to overcome.

What We Do

Its easy, we apply wherever possible our 3 point process when we hear of a new product or breakthrough in health that could have a positive impact:

1. Check the science

Is their scientific literature that suggest the health benefits might be true. We don’t need conclusive evidence yet just that there is a chance it will work. We publish all the literature we deem relevant.

2. Look for anecdotal evidence

What do regular people say about the product and why are they saying it. Any affiliates, paid reviews and the like are routinely ignored. People who have reputation and history online, in forums or in the industry who have an opinion are definitely looked at.

3. Test it for ourselves

Wherever possible we test the product ourselves or get someone to test it on our behalf. Obviously we can’t test everything ourselves as it wouldn’t be a good long-term health strategy.

Our Team

3 guys from Australia with a background in fitness and more specifically health supplements. Curiosity and a drive to deliver real results has us always asking if the newest health developments are real and will work consistently.

Well researched information that is easy to digest. My new source for reliable health advice.

Dean White

The boys at Suppscience have big hearts. Looking forward to the battle for deregulation.

Laura Priston

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