What Is S4?

Andarine S4, also just referred to as S-4 Sarm, is a supplement that binds to androgen receptors thereby activating genes that synthesize protein. As protein is a fundamental building block of muscles the result is increased muscle repair and production. All this is achieved by very selective expression of genes.

Of all the selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) available, S-4 is one of the more powerful ones and has shown to not only increase lean body mass but also preserving it. The main delivery mechanism is by mixing a powder with biostatic water and injection for most effective results.


How Does S-4 Work?

The synthetic compound functions by binding to androgen receptors that then trigger certain physiological processes. Unlike other anabolic steroids synthetic SARMs, including Andarine are far more selective in the actions they trigger.

This reduces side effects and allows for very specific application to muscle and bone density improvement. Overall strength and stamina is also improved as part of this process. Traditional testosterone supplements have also resulted in severe fluctuations in testosterone levels from very high to very low.


What are the Benefits of S-4 Andarine Sarms?

Numerous studies have been performed on the use of S4 Andarine with positive impacts noted on bone density increases as well as lean muscle repair and production. Strength, stamina and increased vascular effects have also been observed.

Here are the main benefits noted in studies:

1 – Body Fat Reduction

Increased muscle fibre production is achieved with synthesis of body fat as shown in test study results (S 1).

2 – Increased Bone Density

Bone density can fluctuate with age and can decrease in old age and with certain types of medical conditions. Studies show that bone density can be strengthened with Andarine limiting the effect of osteoporosis (S 5).

3 – Reduced Gynecomastia

This is a very common side effect of SARMs and results in the enlargement of male breast glands but is not evident with S4 studies (S 6).

4 – Increased Lean Body Mass

Clinical studies have shown a significant effect on the regeneration and production of lean body mass specifically muscle tissue (S 1, 5, 6).


What are the Side Effects of Andarine (S4) Sarms?

Similar to all SARMs, Andarine can have significant side effects especially in prolonged heavy use. Some tolerance can also develop. All side effects are non-permanent and have shown to reverse within a few days. Here are the main known side effects:

1 – Negative Impact On Vision

Blurred vision or difficulty seeing in darker light conditions have been noted. These are generally fluctuating effects that are fully reversed when usage is stopped..

2 – Mood Swings

Some mood swings and negative impacts like depression have also been noted in the use of SARMs in general. (S 6).

3 – Yellowing Of The Eyes

This is related to the blurred vision and is due to androgen receptors in the eyes being bound by the supplement as well. Studies have shown that this reverses with lower dosage.


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