CJC-1295 without DAC

What Is CJC-1295?

The peptide hormone CJC 1295 (without DAC) is a synthetic drug designed to trigger the synthesis of growth hormone (GH). The anabolic processes that are triggered specifically target muscle and bone tissue production. And unlike traditional hormone treatments, the severe side effects are more limited.

Not as limited as SARMs, but the advantage is that the positive effects are stronger and more pronounced with this peptide. Originally developed for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency related diseases, it was eventually abandoned. Many studies have still been performed to identify some positive effects that are listed below.

How Does CJC1295 work?

CJC-1295 essentially works by triggering very specific physiological processes by binding to the receptors in the body that release growth hormone. This process is very natural and is constantly maintained in the body.

What this drug does is create pulse like releases to boost the production of muscle and bone tissue. This helps to maintain a more balanced level as excessive amounts of growth hormone are filtered out of the body.

Numerous studies and clinical trials have been performed to test both positive and negative results on humans and animals. While the drug was eventually abandoned, studies are still continuing.

What are the Benefits of CJC 1295 without DAC?

As with all peptide drugs, the main aim is to boost the production of lean muscle mass and bone density. Where direct hormone treatments have very strong effects, they also come with significant negative side effects. Peptides like CJC1295 are weaker and more targeted to avoid the most severe negatives.

Here are positive effects identified in studies:

  1. – Increases Muscle Growth
    By binding to receptors in the pituitary gland, growth hormone is released that triggers strong muscle production effects (S 1).
  2. – Promotes Fat Burning
    The energy for the increased muscle and bone tissue production is sourced from fat storage in muscles and under the skin (S 2).
  3. – Increases Bone Density
    The same activity that is triggered in muscles also triggers in skeletal bone tissue to increase overall density (S 3).
  4. – Increased Strength And Stamina
    With the increased release of energy from fat comes a significant boost in overall energy levels that improve strength and stamina (S 4).
  5. – Speeds Up Muscle Repair
    Damaged muscles or those wasting away from atrophy are repaired much faster due to the heightened levels of growth hormone (S 4).

What are the Side Effects of CJC-1295 without dac?

Side effects are limited and do have a tendency to become more severe with higher doses. All are revisable with lowered doses or pauses. However, as studies are still ongoing there is no clear picture yet of all the negatives, especially when combined with other drugs.

Here are the main side effects to note:

  1. Light-headedness
    Some test subjects found increasing levels of light headedness with higher doses, especially a short while after taking the drug (S 5).
  2. – Slight Nausea
    Along with the faint feeling, some levels of nausea were encountered that lasted for varying amounts of time (S 5).

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