What Is GHRP-2?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 (GHRP-2 for short) is a drug that causes the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone. It is very similar in nature to GHRP-6 with two main differences.

Firstly, it is more effective at creating higher levels of GH which means the positive effects are boosted. Secondly, it doesn’t have the same level of hunger generating effect as GHRP-6 which can be quite significant with higher doses.

The ultimate effect is that muscles increase production and repair while at the same time sourcing energy from stored body fat.

How Does ghrp-2 Work?

By binding to ghrelin receptors in the pituitary gland a very natural process is kicked into action. Normal biological processes constantly release this hormone and with the help of this drug an increased and controlled level of GH is produced.

The increased levels of the hormone then cause muscles to increase activity for repairing damaged fibres and producing additional lean muscle mass. The added bonus is that the energy required for this process is sourced from fat storage in muscles and under the skin.

What are the Benefits of Sermorelin GHRP 2?

Originally developed in Japan as a treatment for growth hormone deficiency, many studies found other very positive effects from the orally activated drug. While it’s use for treating GH deficiency was abandoned, the studied benefits are still of relevance to many uses.

Here are the main benefits identified:

1 – Boosts Muscle Building

Due to the release of the naturally occurring growth hormone a natural physiological process is triggered that results in muscle tissues being developed faster (S 1).

2 – Increases Burning Of Stored Fat

The main source of energy is usually blood sugar and body fat, and with GHRP-2 body fat storage is targeted more prominently (S 2).

3 – Gender Neutral Supplement

Unlike many other hormone related supplements, GHRPs are gender neutral with the same effects being triggered (S 3).

4 – Helps Sleep Cycles

Studies have also shown that sleep cycles can be improved after even a short term exposure (S 5).

5 – Less Increase In Appetite

Unlike GHRP-6, this peptide comes with less of an increased appetite. It’s still noticeable, but far less prevalent and more manageable  (S 4).

What are the Side Effects of a GHRP-2 Hexapeptide?

Unlike the highly targeted SARMs, peptide supplements do have some side effects that have been studied. The severity of these is very much dependent on the dosage and it’s important to note that long term studies and cross effects with other drugs have not been fully assessed.

Here are the main negative effects:

1 – High Doses Increase Cortisol And Proclatin

Cortisol is a hormone related to stress, and increases in this can trigger higher levels of sensitivity to stress. Proclatin is a hormone that has a negative effects on sex drive and can negatively impact impotence (S 6).

2 – Gynecomastia

This is the development of breast tissue in men, and is a side effect associated to the majority of peptides. Reducing dosages will alleviate the effects (S 7).

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