What Is S-23?

S-23 Sarm is a hormonal drug developed by the pharmaceutical company GTX. Initially researched as a form of male contraceptive, clinical studies have shown several other positive effects on the body as well.

As a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM for short) it triggers very similar physiological processes as testosterone does. However, unlike traditional hormone treatments, it doesn’t trigger all the very negative side effects.

The main positives are the increased build-up of lean muscle tissue and improvements in strength and stamina.

How Does S 23 Work?

All SARMs function in a very similar way. S-23 can be orally taken and it quickly binds to androgen receptors in muscles and bone tissue. This then triggers a boost in gene expression that results in more muscle tissue being produced. Similar effects are also seen in bones where it will increase density.

The advantage of SARMs over other hormone treatments is that they are very selective and don’t bind to receptors in other organs where the effects can be very negative. Of all the SARMs currently available, S23 Sarm is one of the strongest ones, which does result in some negative effects as well.

What are the Benefits of S-23 Sarms?

Many studies have been performed so far, and testing phases have shown some positive effects on the body. The most notable effects of interest are the way it boosts muscle and bone production. At the same time, body fat stored in muscles and under the skin is targeted as a source of energy. Here are the main benefits you can expect:

1 – Increased Lean Muscle Mass

By binding to ARs in skeletal muscles a significantly increased production of lean muscle mass is triggered. At the same time water retention is reduced for more defined appearance (S 1).

2 – Effective Fat Burning

The main source of energy for the production of muscle and bone tissue is fat storage which reduces overall BMI (S 2).

3 – Increased Bone Density

Binding to ARs in bones triggers a very similar gene expression process that ultimately leads to stronger bones (S 3).

4 – Increased Strength And Stamina

With faster muscle growth and more effective fat burning, studies have shown an increase in strength and stamina (S 4).

5 – Faster Muscle Repair

Muscle wasting through injury or disease can be mitigated with S 23 and this is being further investigated in studies (S 4).

What are the Side Effects of Sarm S 23?

Many SARMs have practically no side effects due their highly selective nature. However, S23 is a stronger supplement and some studies have shown that side effects are a bit more pronounced. Here are the main negatives to note:

1 – Suppression Of Testosterone

Studies have shown that testosterone levels can drop quite a bit, especially with heavier doses, but this is fully reversible with reductions or pauses in dosage (S 5).

2 – Studies Still Pending

More extensive studies are still pending and it’s uncertain how the drug causes side effects in combination with other supplements available. More negatives may become known with time.

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