What Is GHRP-6?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6 (GHRP-6) is a synthetic substance that triggers the release of growth hormones in the body. While the natural equivalent is an opioid peptide, GHRP-6 does not have those same characteristics.

The advantage is that the growth hormone being released is not synthetic, but a naturally produced one. Essentially this drug merely triggers an increased production of a natural hormone.

The release of this hormone is essential for repairing and producing muscle tissue which is one of the most significant benefits.

How Does GHRP6 Work?

The way this hexapeptide works is that it acts as an agonist of the ghrelin receptors. By binding to the GHSR an increased production of the natural growth hormone is triggered. It’s a simple biological process that is constantly triggered to help repair damaged tissue and produce more muscle mass.

There are some side effects to this as it is not as selective as most SARMs are. However, it is a highly effective drug for fat reduction and muscle production.

What are the Benefits of ghrp-6 Sermorelin Hexapeptide?

Since its first development, GHRP-6 has gone through many extensive studies to identify the physiological effects. In both human and animal trials several very positive effects have been noted. These mainly target the impact on skeletal muscle tissue.

Here are the main benefits that have been identified in the below studies:

1 – Reduces Fat Storage In Muscles

Fat is predominantly stored around muscle tissue for ready access as a source of energy. Muscle growth itself requires a lot of energy, and GHRP triggers a highly effective burning of fat (S 1).

2 – Increased Lean Muscle Mass

The most obvious effect of increased growth hormone presence is the faster production and repair of muscle fibres (S 2).

3 – Not Gender Specific

Unlike many other hormone type supplements in the past, GHRP is not gender specific. The same receptors are present in men and women (S 3).

4 – No Tolerance Reduction

The main alternatives are the highly selective SARMs. While they come with very few side effects, a same gradual tolerance will not happen with GHRP (S 4).

5 – Increases Energy Levels

The increased burning of body fat releases a lot of energy that is readily available for higher levels of endurance (S 5).

What are the Side Effects of Sermorelin GHRP 6?

The main downside when compared to SARMs is that there are some side effects that have to be noted. These are reversible with a reduction in dosage.

Here are the main ones that have been identified in studies:

1 – Increased Appetite

During natural processes, ghrelin is released when the stomach is empty. With the increased production comes an increased sense of hunger (S 7).

2 – Decreased Blood Sugar

As more energy is demanded for processing muscle growth, blood sugar levels can reduce and need to be regulated with diet.

3 – Gynecomastia

This is the development of breast tissue in men and is a common side effect with non SARM supplements (S 6).

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