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Ginkgo Biloba – Review

Ginkgo Biloba is a tree native to China which has been widely used to fight inflammation, arthritis and heart disease for centuries. 

Read on to learn everything about Ginkgo Bilboa in Australia, in this ultimate review.

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo Biloba tree australia

Ginkgo Biloba has been cultivated for centuries for use medicinally and as a source of food. It is the last living species in the division of plants known as Ginkgophyta and also known as the maidenhair tree. It is commonly called ginkgo or gingko for short. The Ginkgos are rather large trees, often growing to heights of 20-35m with fan shaped leaves.

What does Ginkgo Biloba do?

Ginkgo Biloba benefits

Ginkgo has been shown to fight the sources of inflammation in the body, assisting with conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, stroke and irritable bowel disease. These tests have been confined to the lab with more concrete human analysis required.

One of the main benefits of gingko biloba is stimulation of blood circulation through the body which has been found to be noticeably improved through using ginkgo. The presence of increased nitric oxide in the bloodstream assists in the dilation of the blood vessels. The anti inflammatory effects previously mentioned also point to protective effects on brain health, heart health and stroke prevention.


  • Functional capabilities in the aged suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia showing improvement when combined with conventional medicine
  • Helping alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Improving asthma symptoms
  • Treating Headaches
  • Reducing premenstrual syndrome symptoms
  • Treating some sexual dysfunction

Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Sedation
  • Stomach pain
  • Rash/allergic reaction

Ginkgo contains terpenoids and flavonoids in very high levels which are well known for their antioxidant properties. These antioxidants combat free radicals in the body which are produced during normal metabolic functions. They’re highly reactive particles with the potential to damage healthy tissue and accelerating disease development so naturally the consumption of ginkgo to alleviate their impact is going to be beneficial.

Ginkgo Biloba in the Media


Bronze for Ginko Biloba (Feb 2020)


Ginkgo biloba was recently ranked third is a study of nootropics relating to the safety and efficacy of enhancing long term memory. The study looked at daily consumption in the form of leaf extract powder, capsules or tincture with pronounced effects being experienced after 30-60 minutes and persisting for approximately 12 hours. Ingested amounts ranged from light (100mg) to strong (800mg). 


Go Ginkgo For Better Skin (Apr 2019)


This Medical News Today article is supporting the research that ginkgo seeds are beneficial to the skin.

An acid contained within the seed, ginkgolic acid, is thought to be responsible for having an inhibitory effect on the bad bacteria present in acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Caution should be exercised when consuming any concoction with the seeds as high concentrations can be toxic


Ginko In Love (Feb 2020)


On a more trivial note, the aesthetic beauty of the ginkgo biloba tree is being recognised by the people of Croatia. This fine specimen, located in Zagreb, is being nominated for the award of European Tree of the Year.

Research Studies

Improving Circulation

In this study, the use of ginkgo biloba extract and the impact it had on the coronary blood flow of patients with coronary heart disease was assessed.


Ginkgo biloba extract users were found to have improvements to maximal diastolic peak velocity, maximal systolic peak velocity and diastolic time velocity integral when compared to control group members. 

Combatting Inflammation

Another study investigated the effects of EGb761, a common ginkgo biloba extract, on the articular chondrocytes (cartilage cells) of humans and osteoarthritis in rats. The test was to determine whether the inflammatory responses known as lipopolysaccharide and IL-1β-induced could be inhibited through intake of the extract.


The active components of the extract, quercetin and kampferol, were found to be responsible for reversing the inflammatory effects on the human articular chondrocytes, as well as the rats with osteoarthritis.

Antioxidant Properties

The high instances of antioxidants in the ginkgo extract (EGb761) have made it a common counter to neurodegenerative disorders which are frequently associated with oxidative stress and cellular protective mechanism defects. This study linked an increase in the activity of antioxidant enzymes catalase and superoxide dismutase and a decrease to lipid peroxidation (oxidative degradation) when applied to rats treated with EGb761.


The research is indicative of a likely positive response to people suffering from diseases involving free radicals and oxidative damage

Ginkgo Biloba Results – Claims

Users reviewing their experiences on the website showed mixed outcomes

Date: 29/07/19; 15/07/18

Ameenah consumed ginkgo for less than a month and noticed negative side effects detrimental to their overall health. Vertigo was experienced on more than one occasion from ginkgo consumption and they exercised caution and minimal initial intake.

mentallyinteresting has taken ginkgo for over 10 years on recommendation it would assist with memory and cognitive function. They noticed a discernible increase in mental activity, causing them to reevaluate their dosage levels to aid their sleep cycle.

Product reviews from were generally favourable to ginkgo consumption

Dates: 11/02/20; 06/02/20

Jake noted that his ginkgo intake was relieving the pains and aches he had been incurring.

Kelley found her energy levels to be heightened. She experienced greater clarity and focus when engaged at work.

Is Ginkgo Biloba Legal in Australia?

Legal Status

Ginkgo biloba is legal and currently contained within more than 400 products on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). The primary purpose of the majority of these medicines is for the stimulation of blood circulating through the body.


Buy Ginkgo Biloba in Australia

Ginkgo biloba is readily available in Australia from a number of online retailers.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for research purposes ONLY and is not an endorsement or recommendation of any kind. We have no affiliation with any of the below options unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Ginkgo Biloba Save offers higher concentrations per capsule of ginkgo and is available in multiple package options



Australian NaturalCare also offers a rather high concentration product for consumers. 



Ginkgo Biloba Dosage

Ginkgo Biloba Dosage

The majority of studies featuring ginkgo biloba use are limited to a maximum dosage of 600mg per day. Typical dosage to yield positive results is found to be between 120-240mg per day. This can be consumed in several doses throughout the day to achieve the desired amount. Consuming smaller doses is a guaranteed way to ensure the body is tolerant and wont produce any negative side effects. Ginkgo biloba is commercially available as a tablet or capsule, in dried leaves or tea and as a liquid extract.

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