What Is Hexarelin?

Examorelin, better known as Hexarelin, is a synthetic peptidic agonist of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR). It comes in powdered form and requires reconstitution in bacteriostatic water and injection. The synthetic peptide has no chemical similarities to the natural ghrelin. However, Hexarelin binds to the GHCR in the same way, thereby increasing the release of growth hormones (GH).

The result is an increased level of cell reproduction and regeneration including muscles creating a leaner and more pronounced muscle tone.

How Does Examorelin Work?

Hexarelin (Examorelin) is a peptide that does require injecting in order to get to the hormone receptor in the brain that releases growth hormones. Taken once a day it will significantly increase the supply of GH. Some tolerance to the supplement can take effect during long term use, which is reversible by lowering doses.

Increasing GH levels has certain physiological effects including increased fat burning, faster muscle fibre development and a stronger bone density. Studies also suggest that there are cardio vascular benefits.

At the same time it will increase levels of Cortisol and Proclatin.

What are the Benefits of Examorelin (Hexarelin)?

Numerous studies have been performed to identify the benefits and side effects of Hexarelin (Examorelin). Because it is directly injected the response time is very fast with peak GH levels achieved in about 10 minutes (S 6).

The most noted benefits of the studies are:

1 – Body Fat Reduction

Reduced body fat is a direct effect of increasing GH levels, with processes kicking into action to burn fat as a source of energy for the increased muscle fibre production (S 11).

2 – Younger Looking Appearance

Growth hormone also has a positive effect on the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. This brings about a younger looking appearance.

3 – Increased Bone Density

Studies have shown that certain bone markers increase through the use of Hexarelin (Examorelin suggesting it helps to increase bone density (S 10).

4 – Improved Heart Performance

Because it is more stable and potent than the naturally occurring ghrelin it can boost receptors in heart and blood vessel tissue (S 1).

5 – Increased Lean Body Mass

Lab studies have shown that the leaner the body the more receptive it is to Hexarelin (Examorelin) meaning that it boosts lean body mass even more (S 11).

What are the Side Effects of Hexarelin (Examorelin)?

Tolerance to the supplement can occur with long-term use, which means that a reduction in the effect can be noticed. This tolerance is reversible by reducing dosage or periodically stopping the use.

There are also a few other side effects of Examorelin that have been noted through studies.

1 – Impact To Your Libido

Long-term use can impact sex drive, which similar to the tolerance, can be reversed (S 11).

2 – Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a natural steroid which will be elevated, thereby increasing blood sugar and fat metabolism (S 12).

3 – Prolactin Levels

This has a direct impact on decreasing the amount of estrogen in women and testosterone in men (S 13).

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