What Is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP for short) that works in a very similar way to GHRP-2 and GHRP-6. The main difference is that the effects are more subtle allowing for a more controlled ghrelin release with lower doses.

Because of the lower impacts, it also has practically no side effects, at least not at low or normal dosage levels. This also makes it ideal for stacking with other drugs to get a more combined and highly targeted result with less negative impacts.

How Does Ipamorelin Work?

The way all GH releasing peptides work is by binding to the ghrelin receptors and resulting in an increased production of GH. The process is very natural and is constantly triggered within the body dependent on activity levels. What Ipamorelin does is boost the production in order to speed up the muscle building and fat burning process.

Unlike SARMs that are extremely selective in what they trigger, there are a few side effect. At the same time, the lower impact of this peptide compared to other GHRPs means that side effects are very minimal and manageable.

What are the Benefits of Ipamorelin’s?

It was originally developed by Novo Nordisk to treat postoperative bowel issues. While this proved to have limited effects, clinical trials did reveal some other very clear benefits. Most notably is the increased production of lean skeletal muscle mass and fat burning for a leaner appearance.

These are the main benefits identified in studies:

1 – Increases Muscle Mass

Targeted boosting of ghrelin triggers muscles to increase repair and production of fibres. The result is a faster build-up of muscles than under normal conditions (S 1, 2).

2 – Anti-Aging Effect

Aging is a natural process and with current technology not possible to stop. However, studies have shown that Ipamorelin can help slow down the natural aging process (S 3).

3 – Weight Loss Through Fat Burning

The main source of energy for building muscles is blood sugar and fat. This peptide helps to source energy from stored fat reserves (S 4).

4 – Improves Skin Complexion

Reduced levels of GH also factor largely in a reduced elasticity of the skin. By increasing these levels it’s possible to create a younger looking appearance.

5 – Reduced Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is common but can be reduced by a more stable level of growth hormone (S 5).

What Are The Side Effects

Because of the lower overall impact on producing higher growth hormone levels, there are also far less side effects to account for. Other GHRPs often trigger increased appetite and gynecomastia. These have not been identified in studies with a limited impact in the following areas:

1 – Slight Chance Of Headaches

After the initial intake of Ipamorelin it was noticed that headaches were more likely, but these revered quickly (S 6).

2 – Possible Dizziness

When dosages are very high then dizziness has been encountered in clinical studies. Keeping to a lower dosage solves this problem (S 7).

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